Thursday 24 March 7:00pm
£12 +bf

1 Northdown Road, Margate, Kent CT9 1FG


caroline is an eight piece, based in London. Started by Jasper Llewellyn, Mike O’Malley, Casper Hughes in early 2017, caroline initially evolved out of weekly improvisation sessions. Bringing together shared influences in, and experiences of playing, midwestern ‘emo’ guitar music, Appalachian folk, minimalist classical and various forms of dance music. caroline now includes Oliver Hamilton (violin), Magdalena McLean (violin), Freddy Wordsworth (trumpet, bass), Alex McKenzie (clarinet, saxophone), Hugh Aynsley (drums, percussion), alongside the three original members.

Their eponymous debut album often cascades with force like an avalanche, squalling and rumbling on the edge of all-out collapse. At other points they slip back into impossibly fragile moments of quiet – a simple bassline or a rattle of snare the only sound amid a dark sea of silence. caroline know exactly the right balance between restraint and release. These songs are expansive and emotive pieces, their rich palette drawing on the aforementioned melting pot of musical influences and experiences.

“Sometimes things sound much better when there’s empty space,” says Llewellyn. “Sometimes you might populate [a song] with too many things and forget that an element on its own is enough.” Elsewhere on the record the band have employed a collage-like technique, combining snippets of lo-fi recordings from a myriad of different locations – a barn in France, the members’ bedrooms and living rooms, the atmospheric swimming pool in which they also filmed sublime live sessions for ‘Dark blue’ and ‘Skydiving onto the library roof’ – with more traditional group sessions at the Total Refreshment Centre and their studio in Peckham.

The growth that began as a scrappy guitar band above a pub many years ago is still continuing. caroline’s astounding debut album is merely the first step.


This event will be taking place at The Margate Caves.

ACCESSIBILITY: We regret to inform anyone, that due to the nature of the caves, they are not accessible to wheelchair users or to anyone with significant mobility problems.
​Please check The Margate Caves website for more accessibility information:

ALCOHOL: Please feel welcome to BRING YOUR OWN alcohol for refreshment as a part of this event. Due to the nature of the caves and this intimately ambient acoustic live music event; we will not be encouraging excessive amounts of alcohol consumption and there will be £2 corkage cover charge per person.

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