Lunch Money Life

Friday 6 May 7:00pm
£8.00 +bf

21-22 The Centre, Margate CT9 1JG


Lunch Money Life is a five-piece band with no remit. All music composed communally and spontaneously.

Their debut album, 2020’s Immersion Chamber is a record that runs the gamut, combining gorgeous and glacial swells of electronically augmented brass, skull-rattling heavy psych grooves and more, with nimble twists and turns of pace at every corner of its labyrinthine structure.

With the quintet’s debut album release mired by the unrelenting coronavirus pandemic, Lunch Money Life took to Ramsgate’s Big jelly Studios to record a subsequent EP ‘Tarmac The Lake EP’. The EP was mostly recorded in one take; an unabridged outlet for energy stockpiled during lockdown as live music with an audience remained firmly off of the table.

For all their theatrics on record, Lunch Money Life’s peak has always been found when playing live with one another. They deliver a blistering show, pushing their considerable instrumental skills to the brink of all-out collapse.

With a new body of work on the horizon following the release of their new single, Jimmy J Sunset, we can almost taste the room aghast with flamboyant exodus, a social outpouring of combined communal spirit between an audience and the players on the stage. “Our primary mode of existence is to play a show with people in the same room as us.”

If nothing else, you can expect those shows to be uncompromising, a glorious collision of light and heavy.

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