Live at The Margate Caves

Thursday 28 April 7:00pm
£12.00 +bf

1 Northdown Road, Margate, Kent CT9 1FG


What hides in the fog that keeps people apart, and what does it take to cut through it?

These questions hang heavily over Sarah Beth Tomberlin’s music, whose hushed and intimate tones orbit answers as much as they savor the unanswerable. To be in relation to another human being is to engage with a deep mystery: We are all fundamentally alone, siloed into confusing bodies, and yet occasionally we find someone who lets us feel as if we weren’t.

Tomberlin, the Louisville native who recently relocated to Los Angeles, delights in articulating and amplifying that mystery, picking out its details and marveling at its scale. In singing her aloneness she soothes it, and extends a hand to others reckoning with their own solitude–a paradox that warms her spectral songs.

People are going to love the new Tomberlin album, i don’t know who needs to hear this…, because it is all about their pain and yet is pleasant as well as interesting to listen to, resonant with the sense that in these times it’s best to be uncertain.

“The theme of the record,” she explains, “is to examine, hold space, make an altar for the feelings.” Hold space: Tomberlin’s songs do it literally, making it heard space. Her full-length debut, At Weddings (2018, Saddle Creek), was widely praised for the sparsity and delicacy of its instrumentation, especially in contrast with the emotional heft of her lyrics.

This event will be taking place at The Margate Caves.

ACCESSIBILITY: We regret to inform anyone, that due to the nature of the caves, they are not accessible to wheelchair users or to anyone with significant mobility problems.
​Please check The Margate Caves website for more accessibility information:

ALCOHOL: Please feel welcome to BRING YOUR OWN alcohol for refreshment as a part of this event. Due to the nature of the caves and this intimately ambient acoustic live music event; we will not be encouraging excessive amounts of alcohol consumption and there will be £2 corkage cover charge per person.

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